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Laser, Waterjet, Plasma and Flame Profile Cutting

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

4 CO2 Laser Machines
2 Fibre Laser Machines
CO2: 4m x 2m x 25mm
Fibre: 4m x 2m x 5mm

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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting

8m x 4m x 230mm
Multiple Machines
Multiple Heads
Can profile almost any material

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Flame Cutting

Flame Cutting

21m x 5m
Up to 270mm
Cost-effective cutting
All material grades offered

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HD Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

12m x 5m x 35mm
High Definition
Maximum edge squareness

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Diverse Cutting

Charles Day (Steels) Ltd was established in 1977 providing a flame cutting service, from that date Charles Day has evolved into one of the largest and diverse specialist profiles cutting companies in the UK. We're not just able to provide mild and stainless steel profiles; with our waterjet and fibre laser we can cut many different types of material.

Based in Sheffield, the city of steel, we operate from premises minutes away from the birthplace of stainless steel. We offer flame, HD plasma, waterjet and laser cutting.

Laser Cut Steel Profile

Industries we support

If you require a profile cutting we can probably help you, which is why the industries we support are very diverse. A small selection includes:

  • 100s of fabricators & engineers depend on Charles Day (Steels) to support their services.
  • Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and brands rely on Charles Day to produce components for various machinery and equipment.
  • Architects and designers use Charles Day to produce products ranging from street furniture to bridges.
Large Flame Cut Profile

Short lead times from drawing to delivery

It is paramount to us that you receive your product as quickly as possible. Some of the ways we cut lead times include:

  • Capacity – We continually invest in new machinery not only to increase capacity but also ensure we are using the latest technology.
  • Material Stock – Our 35 years’ experience means we always have what you need in stock, and if not we can source it or cut your free issue material.
  • Automation – 24/7 unmanned operation with automatic plate loading and unloading.
  • Delivery fleet – Our delivery fleet can get your product to you when it’s needed.

Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it:

Bill @ Hydraulic Engineering Company
"Keep up the good work"

Precision Engineering Company
"Reliable, Good lead times & speed of quotes.
We are happy with the service Charles Day provide"

Architectural Ironmongery Manufacturer
"All staff are very helpful. Charles Day always gets the first refusal"

Biomass Boiler Engineering
"Thank you for your excellent service"

Sub-contract Engineering Company
"On the whole you do a pretty good job and I would put
Charles Day into my top suppliers list."

ISO 9001:2008

Our accreditation to ISO9001 ensures that we meet the needs of our customers. We’ve had ISO9001 over 12 years, longer than most of our competitors have been in business!

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ISO 9001