Copper, Brass & Bronze Cutting

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Laser cutting reflective ‘yellow metals’ such as copper, bronze and brass used to be difficult on traditional CO2 lasers. Our investment in the latest fibre laser cutting machines enables use to cut reflective metals cheaper, quickly and with exceptional precision.

Laser cutting these reflective metals is quite a difficult procedure and, as such, many sub-contract laser cutting companies shy away it. However with the introduction of fibre laser technology and taking advantage of our 3kW and 6kW fibre laser machines, we can quickly, easily and cheaply cut and profile copper, brass and bronze in sheet form in thicknesses up to 20mm.

Due to the difficulty of processing yellow metals on CO2 lasers, waterjet cutting is often suggested. Although capable of cutting copper/brass/bronze, waterjet cutting should only be suggested on sheets thicker than 10mm.

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Copper, Bronze and Brass Laser Cutting Capabilities

Maximum Cutting Size

6m x 2.5m (6000mm x 2500mm) (Larger requirement? we suggest waterjet cutting).

Maximum Material Thickness

Minimum Material Thickness

Complex Details
Our CNC driven laser cutting machines are able to process even the most complex and intricate designs. We can laser cut perforations in copper or brass sheet to your specification. We’re also able to cut flat, pre-perforated copper/brass/bronze sheet to any drawing you provide.

Cutting Tolerances
View our laser cutting tolerances here.

Cutting Edge Quality
Laser cutting yellow metals up to 5mm provides a smooth cut edge. As we shroud the laser in Nitrogen gases, it prevents oxidisation ensuring we achieve a clean, blemish free cut, ready for welding without any extra machining. This means ensuring your copper/brass/bronze part has no discolouration.

We can laser cut a wide range of copper, brass and bronze grades and alloys. Below is a list of the most commonly asked for:

  • PB103 – Bronze
  • CZ108 – Brass
  • CZ112 – Brass
  • C101 – Copper
  • C103 – Copper
  • C106 – Copper

Regardless of what you need cutting, we should still be able to source and cut it. Please contact us with your exact grade requirements.

Antimicrobial Copper

Typical Applications
These yellow, non-ferrous metals are used across multiple industries, below are just a few examples:

  • Jewellery
  • Electrical (components, earthing, earth bars)
  • Creative and Decorative
  • Medical (antimicrobial copper)