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Charles Day (Steels) Ltd was established in 1977 providing a flame cutting service. From that date, Charles Day has evolved into one of the largest and most diverse specialist profile cutting companies in the UK.

Experts in Laser, Flame, Waterjet and Plasma

Based in the city of steel, we operate from premises minutes away from the birthplace of stainless steel and we now offer not only flame cutting but plasma, waterjet and laser cutting.

We continue to invest in the latest cutting technology to provide our customers with the best quality profile cut parts.

In addition to our portfolio of cutting and profiling services our sister company, The Laser Cutting Co Ltd also boasts an offering of four dedicated tube, box, angle and channel laser cutting systems.


We are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and strive to provide our customers with a quality service.

Why choose Charles Day?

Charles Day Steel SCCI
Charles Day Steel Made In Sheffield
Charles Day Steel Antimicrobial Copper
Charles Day Steel AILU


Boasting a collection of 6 of the latest CNC fibre and C02 laser cutting machines running 24 hours a day, we can offer the shortest possible lead times at competitive prices nationwide, even for the most challenging of projects.  


With our ISO9001 and BS/EN 1090-1 accreditations we are proud to deliver a quality product and service every time, providing our customers with the confidence that orders will be delivered on time and correct to the highest of standards, every time.   


With over 30 years of experience in the laser profiling industry, our engineers can help make requirements a reality, offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise at every stage of your production process.  

Charles Day’s Quality Promise

The highest possible quality standards with the after sales support to match

Our Factory Production Controls are in accordance with legally enforceable construction product regulation BS EN 1090 – Level 4

Certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 for all profiling requirements

Proud members of:

If you’re still unsure about why Charles Day should be your first port of call for all your profiling needs, you can find numerous reasons why over 5000+ customers use Charles Day for all of their flame, laser, plamsa and waterjet cutting here.

If you want to work with us, you can fill out a credit account application form here, please email it to our Accounts team or fax it to 0114 244 5588.


Over 35 Years Experience

Founded in 1977 as a flame profiling service, over the next 3 decades we have expanded our services portfolio to include laser, waterjet and plasma while still retaining our flame cutting capabilities. In turn, this has enabled us to establish ourselves as one of the largest and most diverse specialist profile cutting companies in the UK.

Diverse Cutting Methods

We’re proud to be one of the few profiling companies able to offer 4 different cutting methods under the same roof. This enables our customers to have a choice of 4 different cutting methods, enabling them to find and utilise a service perfectly fitted to their requirement. It also allows us to offer alternative profiling methods which may be more cost effective for our clients.

CE Marking (BS EN 1090-1)

The construction industry forms a large part of our customer base and so we understand the importance of being able to provide CE Marked profiled parts. Due to this, Charles Day underwent extensive auditing and now have a Factory Process Control system in place for the laser/flame/plasma cutting of CE Marked materials due to be used within the construction industry.

Large, Purpose-Built Facilities

Our 40,000 square foot purpose built faculties are large enough to house all our profiling machines under one roof. This puts us in the position to handle almost any requirement regardless of size, quantity and cutting methods required.

State-of-The-Art Machines

We know that our customers expect the best possible product and so we continually invest in the latest cutting technology to provide our customers with the highest quality profile cut parts.

24hrs, 7 Days a Week Cutting

Our CNC driven cutting methods and automation system allows us to provide “lights-out” production. With our machines cutting around the clock, our clients get a more cost effective service and reduced lead times.

ISO9001:2008 Accredited

We are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and strive to provide our customers with a quality service. Our accreditation ensures that we meet the needs of our customers. We’ve had ISO9001 accreditation for over 14 years, longer than most of our competitors have been in business!

EU Metal

We always strive to use metals sourced from within the European Union due to the higher quality and more consistency of the product. However dependant on the material and requirement, this may not always be possible.

Large Stock Levels

We keep a wide range of different metals in a range of sizes and thicknesses in stock. However, if we don’t have a particular material in stock, we can usually source it within 24-48 hours.

CAD Software

Possessing the latest CAD systems and CNC technology, we can guarantee a high precision profile regardless of the complexity of the requirement.

Nationwide Delivery

We know how important it is for our clients to receive their goods on time, therefore we strive to provide a quality, on-time delivery service for our clients throughout the UK. With our own fleet of vehicles plus close working relationships with third-party couriers we aim to ensure that every order arrives where it should, when it should.

Extensive experience has taught us that every customer has different needs, each placing varying emphasis on:

  • JIT Deliveries
  • First stage machining
  • Ancillary parts provided to form ready to assemble kits
  • Inspection records to customer requirements
  • Specific stacking, wrapping and presentation
  • Test certifications for materials
  • Free issue material processed
  • Responsibility for post processing
  • Sole supply agreements
  • Service level agreements
  • Our Services

Regardless of your requirement, if you need something cut, we can probably help. Our 4 different cutting methods allows us to profile virtually any material in thicknesses up to 230mm.

  1. Laser Cutting Services
  2. Waterjet Cutting Services
  3. Flame Cutting Services
  4. High Definition Plasma Cutting

Through our considerable and continual investment in new technology, Charles Day can effortlessly fulfil each of these services for customers. In addition to this, we can also arrange such services as Flattening, Shot-blasting, Rumbling, Bending, Surface Grinding, Heat Treatment, Machining, Drilling and Fabrication.


  • 2018
    Second ByStar 10kW Bystronic Fiber Laser installed
  • 2017
    ByStar 10kW Bystronic Fiber Laser installed
  • 2015
    New 4 headed waterjet machine installed
  • 2015
    Charles Day achieves BS EN 1090-1 conformity to provide CE Marked profiles.
  • 2014
    New 6kW fibre and 6kW CO2 lasers installed.
  • 2012
    Installation of fifth & sixth lasers including automated sheet storage towers.
  • 2011
    The Laser Cutting Co. install new tube laser cutting machine.
  • 2009
    Charles Day owners purchase The Laser Cutting Co.
  • 2007
    Second Waterjet Bed & fourth laser installed.
  • 2006
    Largest waterjetbed (8Mx4M) in the UK is installed at Charles Day.
  • 2005
    LaserQC installed.
  • 2003
    Phil Wooffinden moves from financial director to managing director.
  • 2002
    Third laser machine installed.
  • 2001
    First ISO 9001 accreditation obtained.
  • 2000
    Second laser machine installed.
  • 1999
    Installed first subcontract CNC laser cutting machine.
  • 1996
    Builds current 40,000 sq ft premises on Downgate Drive, Sheffield.
  • 1989
    Jon Day takes over as managing director.
  • 1986
    Further expansion to Barbot Hall industrial estate Rotherham.
  • 1980
    Move to new premises on Willy Street, Sheffield.
  • 1977
    Charles Day (Steels) founded, as a flame cutting service, on Effingham Road, Sheffield.

Work with us


We continue to invest in the latest cutting technology to provide our customers with the highest quality profile cut parts.

24 hour cutting

Our 6 laser machines are cutting around the clock to ensure we’re always able to provide short lead-times.

Precision parts

We know how important accuracy is for our clients. Our lasers provide the very best in precision cut parts.
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    We’ve been in the profiling business for over 35 years and today we’re considered one of the largest and most diverse specialist cutting companies in the UK. We continue to invest in the latest cutting and automation technology to provide our customers with the highest quality cut parts in the shortest possible lead time.Contact us with your requirements today and join over 5000 customers who choose us for their profiling needs.

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    If you have drawings to send, we’re happy to accept DXF, DWG or dimensioned PDF files. By sending the above file types, we can easily process your order with our quoting system which vastly improves the speed at which we can get you a price.

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    Maximum upload size: 10.49MB
    Any difficulties please add files to a .zip folder. Max Upload 20mb

    For simple profiles such as squares, rectangles and cirlces with simple holes or slots we can work without a drawing.Alternatively, we also have an in-house CAD drawing team who can draw up your profile for you.As well as this, we also have a Laser QC scanner which enables us to scan and convert a physical object to a readable CAD file.