Key Supplier Status and Open for Business as Usual – Forward Thinking as Standard

During these unprecedented times we are proud to reassure customers that we are open for business and fully operational having gained Key Supplier status subject to government advice.

We are and will continue to take every possible step to protect our customers, staff and suppliers from Covid-19 with reducing the virus’ spread of paramount importance to us.

Where possible our dedicated staff are working remotely and contactable in the same way. Onsite staff are taking all possible precautions to maintain a working environment that is as safe as possible in order to continue contributing to the key supply chains and fight the Coronavirus.

We are here to support our customers and will continue to do so with the highest possible standards. We understand that it is constantly changing climate and reliability will be crucial. With our industry leading capacity spanning two separate sites and an experienced and dedicated workforce, we’re here to help and can give you that peace of mind.

[email protected] 0114 244 5544

Antimicrobial Copper in the Fight Against COVID 19

Everyone needs to be doing their bit to support the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic, this goes without saying and Charles Days is doing everything it can to protect its employees, suppliers and customers alike, even supporting them in their own efforts through the Antimicrobial properties of Copper.

Copper is a natural antimicrobial material that has been taken advantage of for centuries by different civilisations. Whilst extensive studies are and have always been ongoing, Scientists are able to demonstrate the intrinsic efficacy of copper alloy “touch surfaces” to destroy a wide range of microorganisms that threaten public health.

With the focus on stopping the spread of the virus Charles Days is producing copper door pads and handles to limit the surface transfer risk to employees within a company environment.

In a recent article on the BBC ( ), they explained

“…the NIH (US National Institute for Health) study found that the SARS-CoV-2 virus survives for longer on cardboard – up to 24 hours – and up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces.

The findings suggest the virus might last this long on door handles, plastic-coated or laminated worktops and other hard surfaces. The researchers did find, however, that copper surfaces tended to kill the virus in about four hours.”

It has always been Charles Days’ policy to source material at the best prices and to keep sizable stocks, putting us in a strong position to support customers both with their day to day business and the fight against the virus.

Fancy some for your organisation? Want them bespoke cut or etched? No problem. We can cut to any size required and even incorporate company logos through cutting or etching. For more information please get in touch with the sales team on [email protected]

Charles Day’s Etching Helps Drive a Successful Product Launch!

Paulin Watches were launching a new wall clock product range and needed a reliable and accurate laser cutting service, also capable of providing fine and accurate etching of an intricate deign, to ensure a successful product launch on a tight schedule.

Charles Day’s Sales and Technical Drawing teams were able to help from the early design stages through to delivery, on time and to the customer’s bespoke design specifications and hand drawn logo.

We’ve been using laser cutters for various projects over the last few years. Turn around times and part accuracy has always been a little unpredictable.

Over the duration of our most recent project Charles Day have exceeded our expectations in both areas and as a result have earned their place as our go-to metal laser cutter.” – Euan Macer Law, Product Design Engineer

The aluminium back plate was both laser cut and white etched here in Sheffield onsite before being shipped to the customer for assembly in Glasgow ready for the product launch.

Charles Day’s are able to etch any design onto almost any material from acrylic, right through to copper, steel and even titanium. With an in house Design and Drawing team we work closely with customer to achieve the perfect design, whilst managing the entire process from raw material through to delivery of completed part.

Special thanks to Paulin Watches for asking us to be a part of this new venture (all products available on ) and we look forward to the next one!

Keeping it in the Family

Established by Charles Day in 1977 providing a flame cutting service, Charles Day Steels Ltd has since grown into one of the largest and most diverse family run profile cutting companies in the UK with the next generation now joining the ranks.

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Charles Day takes to the race track

We recently laser cut several integral parts for Sheffield University’s formula racing team, used in the construction of the team’s fastest and most advanced racing car to date. The parts, made from mild steel, stainless and aluminium were used in construction of the chassis (mild steel), chain guard (stainless), fuel tank and wheels (aluminium).

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Aluminium dart wall

We were delighted to see the end result of a project to produce this aluminium curtain or dart wall, which is being used in an office environment. We cut the aluminium with water jet for our customer A W Jeffreys, who fabricated the dart wall from a number of separate panels. The material is 3mm anodized grade aluminium.

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Approval to certify to EN1090-1 up to EXC 4

We are delighted to have gained approval this week to certify to EN1090-1 Execution class 4, which means we can now cut and profile steel and aluminium components conforming to nuclear standard.

Since 1st July 2014, the CE Marking of fabricated structural steel and related metal work destined for use within the construction industry became mandatory and a new EU harmonised standard was bought into effect (BS EN 1090-1/A1:2001).

With many of our customers working within the construction industry, we understood the requirement for us to be able to provide CE ready profiles that conform to the BS EN 1090-1 standard. To this end, we underwent extensive auditing and implemented a new Factory Production Control system in order to comply with the new rules set out by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

Our conformity to the CPR now allows us to provide thermal cutting / profiling of steel and aluminium components for steel structures in execution class EXC 1 up to EXC 4.

Weld Preps, Chamfers & Bevels Up to 60 Degrees

Weld Preps, Chamfers & Bevels Up to 60 Degrees

Our bevelling service is suitable for use across all of our profiling methods. We can provide weld preps, bevels and chamfers in angles up to 60 degrees on plates between 6mm to 60mm (greater thicknesses available on request). Weld preparation of metal parts carried out during the profiling process has helped numerous customers save time and money. Combining the cutting and bevelling processes from a single source, reduces the number of steps within the supply chain, improving efficiency.

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