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Waterjet Cutting

Sub-Contract Water Jet Profiling

Our powerful multi-headed waterjet machines can cut almost any material in thicknesses up to 230mm. With one of the largest sub-contract cutting beds in the UK, our waterjet machines can handle large plate/sheet up to 8.25m x 4m.

With multi-head cutting capability, this gas-free, cold-cutting method delivers accurate and cost-effective cutting options to our customers over a wide range of material, thickness and applications. Given it's versatility it's easy to see why it has become the worlds fastest growing profiling method.

A fine but extremely powerful jet of water – projected at a rate of up to 60,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) – easily slices through such materials as metals, marble, stone, foam, rubber, plastic and fibre glass.

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Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
Sheffield Waterjet Cutting Sheffield Waterjet Cutting
Water Jet Edge Quality Water Jet Edge Quality
Sub-Contract Waterjet Cutter Sub-Contract Waterjet Cutter
Water Cut Marble Water Cut Marble
Waterjet Cut Foam Profile 50mm Waterjet Cut Foam Profile 50mm
Water Jet Thick Plate Water Jet Thick Plate
Waterjet Cut Profiles Waterjet Cut Profiles

When combined with an abrasive agent, even extremely hard materials such as titanium provides little challenge to this profiling method. Waterjet cutting handles applications including stainless steel ceramics, laminates and Kevlar, with finished work pieces boasting accurate, burr-free edges with no heat affected zone (HAZ).

What sets Charles Day's water jet cutting service apart from our competitors is not only one of the largest waterjet cutting beds in the country but also that we have been providing waterjet cutting services for almost a decade.

Today, we have three machines cutting 24 hours a day in an effort to provide our customers with the shortest possible lead times.

Waterjet cutting can be used on virtually any choice of material. With only a few materials unable to be waterjet cut, if we can source it, odds are we can cut it!

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Variable Cutting Speeds and Edge Quality

Waterjet cutting has the ability to run at three different cutting speeds, each speed providing a different edge quality.

The fastest speed provides a rough edge quality and is the quickest, cheapest profiling method.

There is a medium speed which provides an middle ground edge quality.

The slowest speed provides a fine edge quality but is a more time consuming cutting method and therefore the more costly of the three cutting speeds.

With an keft (or cut width) of as little as 1mm, even the most detailed profiles can be cut.

water jet cut edge quality

What materials can be waterjet cut?

What Materials Can Be Waterjet Cut?

The versatility of water jet is what makes this profiling method so popular. Couple this with our large cutting bed, you can be assured we have the capacity and capability for almost any job.

Mild/Carbon Steels

Aluminium and alloys

Stainless Steels

Brass and Bronze


Carbon Fibre

Plastics and Acrylic


Marble and Granite

Contact our Sales Team for details on specific materials or visit our materials page to get an idea the types of materials we can waterjet cut.

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Waterjet Cutting Tolerances

Flatness and thickness tolerance generally in accordance with relevant material standard.

Profiling tolerance +/- 0.25mm on top surface.

Edge squareness 1 degree draft angle through part.

Waterjet Cutting Tolerances

abrasive water jet cutting

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Services

Depending on the toughness of the material being cut, garnet (an abraisive agent) is added to the mixture which enables us to profile almost any material.


Pure Waterjet Cutting Services

For softer materials such as rubber, foams and nylons etc. A 'pure' stream of water is used with no abraisive additives.

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We continue to invest in the latest cutting technology to provide our customers with the highest quality profile cut parts.

24 hour cutting

Our waterjet machines are cutting around the clock to ensure we're always able to provide short lead-times.

Precision parts

We know how important accuracy is for our clients. Our water jet machines provide the very best in precision cut parts.

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  • We've been in the profiling business for over 35 years and today we're considered one of the largest and most diverse specialist cutting companies in the UK.

    We continue to invest in the latest cutting and automation technology to provide our customers with the highest quality cut parts in the shortest possible lead time.

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  • If you have drawings to send, we're happy to accept DXF, DWG or dimensioned PDF files.

    By sending the above file types, we can easily process your order with our quoting system which fastly improves the speed at which we can get you a price.

  • Don't have drawings?
  • For simple profiles such as squares, rectangles and cirlces with simple holes or slots we can work without a drawing.

    Alternatively, we also have an in-house CAD drawing team who can draw up your profile for you.

    As well as this, we also have a Laser QC scanner which enables us to scan and convert a physical object to a readable CAD file.