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Flame Cutting

Sub-Contract Flame Profiling

We have over 35 years experience in flame cutting steel and even today, it is still an efficient and cost effective method of profiling steel. With multi-head cutting machines we can offer excellent cost savings on large production runs on steel up to 270mm thick.

We originally started business as a flame profiling firm over 35 years ago and have been using this traditional method ever since. Despite huge advancements in other cutting methods (Laser/Plasma etc.) flame cutting is still comparably inexpensive when cutting carbon steel and similar alloys.

With a large cutting bed area, our multihead flame profiling machines are the ideal choice for performing high production runs.

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One drawback of using flame cutting is that it creates a heat-affected-zone (HAZ) around the cut area, which may require further machining to be removed. However, this is by far the best profiling choice where secondary machining activities will be carried out on cut material to produce a satisfactory finished product.

With a cutting area of 22m x 5m, we can offer this cutting method with a thickness capacity of up to 270mm. Our accurate in-house programming ensures cost-effective processing and material is finished and treated to customer own individual specifications.

Our experienced staff are always on hand to help answer any questions you may have on our flame cutting services, please contact us with any queries.

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Metals We Can Flame Cut

All material grades are offered, if we don't have it in stock, we can usually source the material within 48 hours. We can also profile cut your free issue material.

We can offer 100% mill traceability certificates and conformance upon request.

Material Grade / Specification Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm)
S275 JR (43A) 1.0044 6 270
S355 JR (50B) 1.0045 6 270
S355 J2G3 (50D) 1.0570 6 270
080A40 (EN8D) 1.0501 6 270
Floor Plate (e.g. Durbar) 6 12.5
Wear Plate (e.g. 400, 500 grades) 6 80
690 High Yield Steel Plate 6 180

What steel can be flame cut

flame cutting tolerances

Flame Cutting Tolerances

Thickness tolerance in accordance with BS EN 10029:2010 Class A.

Flatness tolerance in accordance with BS EN 10029:2010.

Profiling tolerance +/-1.5mm to +/-3.0mm depending on thickness and length.

More detailed information on flame profiling tolerances can be found here.

If you need flame cut steel profiles with short lead times…

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Flame Cutting Details

  • Multiheaded flame cutting with 8 cutting heads.
  • Cutting thickness from 6mm to 270mm (dependant on material).
  • Cutting area of 22m x 5m.
  • Cutting bed area of 42 x 5m.
  • Full range of carbon and mild steels stocked in popular thicknesses.
  • If not in stock, we can usually source your material in 24-48 hours.
  • We are happy to cut free-issue materials.

Sub-contract flame cutters

Flame cutting process

Flame Process Details

  • 3mm kerf – depending on material thickness.
  • Cut surface will show a striated structure.
  • Edge squareness is fair but will demonstrate non-parallel cut edges with some frequency.
  • Edge burring will occur but all parts are cleaned and fettled before dispatch.
  • Flame cutting produces a heat affected zone (HAZ) that may need to be removed by additional machining.

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We continue to invest in the latest cutting technology to provide our customers with the highest quality profile cut parts.

Short lead times

We're commited to providing flame cut profiles in the shortest time possible. That's why we have so many cutting hours available.

Nationwide coverage

From our Sheffield based facilities, we deliver flame cut profiles for clients throughout the UK.

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  • We've been in the profiling business for over 35 years and today we're considered one of the largest and most diverse specialist cutting companies in the UK.

    We continue to invest in the latest cutting and automation technology to provide our customers with the highest quality cut parts in the shortest possible lead time.

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  • If you have drawings to send, we're happy to accept DXF, DWG or dimensioned PDF files.

    By sending the above file types, we can easily process your order with our quoting system which vastly improves the speed at which we can get you a price.

  • Don't Have Drawings?
  • For simple profiles such as squares, rectangles and cirlces with simple holes or slots we can work without a drawing.

    Alternatively, we also have an in-house CAD drawing team who can draw up your profile for you.

    As well as this, we also have a Laser QC scanner which enables us to scan and convert a physical object to a readable CAD file.