Laser Cut Panels

Laser Cut Panels

Laser cutting panels is an excellent way to divide areas, disfuse light and even add decoration to an interior or exterior wall. The versatility of CNC laser cutting really comes into it’s own when cutting panels as the design is really only limited to your imagination…

Decorative Panels

Whether it be lettering, repeating patterns of bespoke design, if it can be drawn, it can usually be cut. (Obviously considerations have to be taken into account in regards to the structural integrity and thickness).

We have laser cut decorative panels from a range of metals for clients throughout the UK, our work can be found in theatres, outside shopping centres and in public parks.

Below is a video of one of our laser machines cutting a decorative panel from 5mm stainless steel sheet. It shows that despite the number of holes and complex design, the machine has no problem getting through it.

5mm stainless steel laser cut panel

Laser Perforated Panels

Perforations are easily created by laser cutting machines, the rapid piercing and cutting speed of our 6kW fibre lasers makes this process much more affordable compared to lesser powered machines. Depending on your requirement we can provide panels with round holes, square holes, slotted holes, hexagonal holes or even bespoke hole shapes in various materials –  The list is endless!

We can also provide panels with varying size perforations on the same sheet. The computer controlled cutting of the laser makes this a much faster operation with no need for tooling adjustments.

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Between our CO2 and fibre laser machines we can cut a range of metals and alloys including:

For panels of 10mm thick and below – our fibre laser can offer significantly quicker cutting speeds compared to conventional lasers. Since installing our fibre lasers in 2012 and 2014, we’ve been able to drastically reduce the cutting time for these thinner sheets and have such have seen many of our customers turn to us for all their panel profiling requirements.

If you require more information on your specific metal and grade requirements, you can view our laser cutting page.

The downside to laser cutting is it is limited to the type of materials it can cut. For example plastics, woods, and rubbers cannot be laser cut by us due to the flamability risk and toxic fumes. If your requirement includes a material that we cannot laser cut, we can suggest our waterjet cutting service which is capable of cutting almost any material.

Laser Cutting Material Thickness

Polishes & Finishes

Sometimes unpolished metal will achieve the desired texture for the panel and other times letting nature do it’s thing is desired. However, depending on the intended use of the panel there may be a requirement for it to be cut from metal with a certain polish or finish, such as mirror or circle polished. If this is the case, we are more than happy to source and cut polished metals for you.

Additional Services

If you require any additional work to be carried out on a panel such as extra machining, drilling or powder coating etc. we can arrange this for you or we’re more than happy to deliver your parts to an additional workshop if you choose to organise the additional work yourself.

Panel Sizes

We have CO2 and fibre lasers that have 6m x 2.5m cutting beds, the speed, ease and repeatability of laser cutting means we can process multiple sheets in a short period of time.

Alternatively, should you require a larger panel cut from a single sheet, we have one of the UK’s largest sub-contract waterjet cutting bed able to accept 8m x 4m sheets.

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