All laser cutting services are created equal, right?… Wrong!

The two pictures above may seem similar, but they are of two different laser cutting technologies.

When searching for a firm that provides “laser cutting services“, you might not be aware that not all companies will be offering the same service.

For customers who don’t work within the laser cutting industry, understanding the difference between the two cutting technologies may not sound important. But by knowing what kind of laser cutting service you require, you can make an informed choice of which profiling company has the required technology and facilities to best suit your requirements.

Fibre laser cutting services – so what?

Fibre lasers hold many benefits over CO2 lasers, they are not designed purely to make our job easier, but also to allow us to pass unique benefits onto our customers, which include:

Extremely high cutting speeds on thin material – Fibre lasers are incredibly effective at cutting thin sheets of metal. For plates up to 8mm thick, fibre lasers hold considerable speed and output benefits over CO2.

Lower cutting costs on thin material – Due to the increased cut speed, coupled with lower running costs, fibre lasers are much more cost effective than other laser cutting technologies on materials up to 8mm thick.

Wider variety of metals can be cut – By using fibre optics rather than mirror optics, fibre lasers do not suffer from the risk of having the laser beam reflected back into the cutting head and damaging the machine. Therefore fibre lasers open the door for reflective metals to be laser cut with ease, meaning metals such as copper, brass, bronze, silver and even gold can be profiled with ease.


If you have a cutting requirement for sheets up to 8mm thick, or require reflective metals (popular for creative industries) then choosing a company which can profile fibre laser cutting services is a must if you want quicker lead times and lower costs.