We don’t just cut rings and rectangles here…

We don’t just cut rings and rectangles here…

Here at Charles Day (Steels) Ltd. we supply to any and every industry. Not only do we supply to fabricators and various manufacturers across the UK, we supply to artists and the like too.

Here are some photographs of finished works by a talented gentleman Bruce Williams and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out:

We have supplied the laser cut steel for these wonderful pieces using our state of the art manufacturing facilities in Sheffield. Consistent and significant investment in our manufacturing facilities keeps opening doors to new markets whilst increasing our manufacturing efficiency and capabilities. We’ve recently installed a brand new 10kw Fiber Laser machine capable of cutting materials up to 30mm thick in double-quick time.

A bit more about the project:

Whitely Album is a series of three sculptures that are distributed across Whitley Wood, in southern Reading.  The ideas were developed with local groups from archive photographs, to reveal the history of men, women and children in the community.  Rabson’s Rovers are caught mid-header beside the recreation ground, which gave them their name.  Catering staff and a group of children at a VE Day party in 1945 are situated beside a zebra crossing on Northumberland Avenue.  And a group of thirty 10 year olds welcome visitors at a major roundabout for the area.  The art works were fabricated by Weldtec Welding Services Ltd. The project was managed by Reading Council and funded by Tesco.

If you are interested in seeing more from Bruce Williams then feel free to visit his website: https://www.brucewilliams.net/