Profile Cutting Services for Fabricators

We understand that our fabrication customers have a unique set of demands and we strive to provide the best possible profile cutting services in order to meet these needs.

Working to tight schedules, tight budgets and tight tolerances it is vital that cut parts are supplied accurately, promptly and to specification. Here at Charles Day we’ve implemented procedures and have undergone extensive auditing and investment in order to ensure we meet the standards expected of us from our fabrication customers.

If you work in sheet metal fabrication and welding and require laser cutting, waterjet cutting, flame cutting or plasma cutting, we can be your one-stop shop for all your metal cutting requirements.

BS EN 1090-1 Accreditation (CE Marking)

Since the introduction of the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) it is now a legal obligation of manufacturers, distributors and importers of construction products used within the EU to carry the CE Mark.

It is often misunderstood that once a fabricator has completed their own BS EN 1090-1 accreditation they are covered to CE mark the work they produce. However, the 1090-1 needs to cover the entire production process, including ensuring the plate comes from a CE approved mill and any thermal cutting (laser, flame, plasma) etc, is carried out by a company with the relevant BS EN 1090-1 approval.

Working with Charles Day on a CE project, you can rest assured that we will provide CE complaint cut profiles for use in execution class EXC 1 through to EXC4.

Contact us today for more information on our BS EN 1090-1 thermal cutting services.

Full Plate and Sheet Traceability

Many of our customers will only accept metals sourced from within the EU due to its higher quality and reliability. Therefore the vast majority of metal we source comes from within Europe.

We can provide mill certificates or certificates of conformance for all plate supplied.

Cutting from Stock

As mentioned above, many of our customers work to extremely rigid timescales and are often after a quick quote and short lead-time.

For this reason, we keep an enviable level of material stock, around £500,000 at any given time, consisting of the most commonly requested materials, grades and thicknesses.

Being able to draw material from stock, we’re able to get it onto our machines quicker and, in turn, have them out for dispatch much quicker than waiting for stockholders to deliver.

Digital Scanning – LaserQC

Our LaserQC digital scanner allows us to reverse engineer physical items by scanning and converting them into CAD drawings with an accuracy tolerance within 0.05mm.

This can shave hours/days off a job by removing the requirement for someone to measure the dimensions up manually, as well as reducing the risk of human error thus ensuring an exact replica can be cut.

Laser Etching

Our lasers can be configured to provide a light etch mark on the surface of the metal. This can extremely useful in providing time saving benefits further down the fabrication process.

Not to be confused with engraving, our etching isn’t really suitable for decorative or creative applications but by adding bend lines, cast numbers, spot marks and part numbers to cut profiles, we can help customers save time and reduce the likelihood of mistakes.

Quick Turnaround

As part of our on-going commitment to increasing capacity and reducing the time between enquiry and delivery, we have invested heavily in the latest cutting technology.

In 2013 and 2015 we invested heavily in our laser cutting operation with the installation of 4 brand new, state-of-the-art lasers, including two fibre lasers.

As well as this, we have recently moved to 3 shift waterjet cutting, meaning our machines are now running 24 hours a day. A new 100hp pump was installed and more investment, including a new machine are planned for later this year.

These new machines and extended operating hours means we now have the increased capacity to cope with even the largest customer requirements.