Making noise with VK Drums

Making Noise With VK Drums – Laser Cut Drum Parts

Charles Day, a leading Sheffield based laser cutting and profiling firm, was recently commissioned by bespoke hand-built drum manufacturer VK Drums to laser cut a range of drum parts including Stainless Steel drum hoops, mounts and lugs plus many more.

Priding themselves on their attention to detail and the quality of the materials going into each drum kit, VK Drums required a laser cutting service which provided the highest level of finish and cut quality, befitting of their reputation, a service for which Charles Day was more than happy to provide.

Staying true to their heritage, VK Drums are manufactured from the material that made Sheffield famous. From their tension rods to drum hoops, the drums are carefully hand-crafted using Sheffield Stainless Steel, a feature that truly sets VK apart from their competitors.

Stainless steel shell VK Drums strap VK Drums VKey drum key

The requirements from VK Drums was to have their parts cut from single, solid pieces of Stainless Steel, something which our state-of-the-art, high precision CO2 CNC laser machines were more than capable of handling.

The real benefit for VK Drums was when Charles Day were able to offer cut profiles from sheet already containing a polished finish, such as DP1 and Mirror Polished Stainless Steel. Previously polishing the pieces themselves, this additional service has allowed VK Drums to be more cost effective in the production of their drum kits.

Titanium Shell VK Drums drum set VK Drums with mic

Charles Day don’t just cut Stainless Steel, they have also cut titanium as well as reflective metals such as copper and aluminium for VK Drums, by utilising their advanced fibre laser machine, which excels at these reflective metals up to 5mm thick.

Alan van Kleef, the founder and owner of VK Drums, was asked what made him choose Charles Day as his preferred laser cutting service:

“I’ve used various laser cutting companies in the Sheffield area for some time now. I’ve been very happy with the quality of work and high standards Charles Day sets. I can’t afford to risk using anyone else now.”

The following video highlights the different in materials used for drum hoops, including the Stainless Steel type we are helping to produce.


Charles Day (Steels) Ltd specialise in laser cutting a range of materials including Stainless Steel up to 25mm thick. We work closely with customers from an extensive range of industries from high production engineering projects to bespoke parts for drum makers, to ensure quality and reliability and provide the customer with a sub-contracting service they expect.

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Our flatbed laser machines can cut a range of metals up to 4m x 2m.

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For more information on Alan and his range of hand-built drums, please visit the VK Drums website.