Laser Cut Stainless Steel Sculpture

Earlier this year, we were approached by Jewellery and Object student Rebecca Waterfall who required a number of laser cut stainless steel parts to form part of her final project.

Cut from 2mm 304 grade stainless steel, the 190 metal squares each measured 100 x 100mm and featured slots allowing the squares to be interconnected together.

We took time to speak with Rebecca to uncover the inspiration behind her sculpture, as well as understanding how these seemingly regular parts can come together to form a visually striking sculpture.

Can you give me some details on your final project?

I am studying Jewellery and Object at the University of Lincoln. My final project is to design and construct three outdoor sculptures. For this I am taking forms from architecture. I am making all my pieces with either stainless or mild steel.

What is the sculpture meant to represent?

The Sculpture is based on forms from architecture, particularly multiples and repetition within structures. Designed for a home garden environment, it is constructed using stainless steel and breeze blocks. All together there are 202 components within this piece, therefore it is called no.202.

Where is it going to be installed?

It is going to be initially installed on the Sculpture Terrace at the University of Lincoln during the degree show. (Open to all from 29th of May till the 14th of June.) Hopefully it will then be presented at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester.

Is there anything specific that gave you inspiration for the design?

Architecture, particularly a multi-story car park in Sheffield. The multiplicity and repetition within infrastructure has been a key inspiration for this design.

Laser Cut Stainless Steel Sculpture - Charles Day Steels

Why did you choose laser cutting? Did you consider any other profiling techniques?

I chose laser cutting because I knew that it was a way to get a large quantity of parts cut easily and efficiently. I also consider it to be good value for money. The laser cutting process allows for a much better degree of accuracy than hand cutting and for this project the measurements had to be precise in order for the pieces to all slot together successfully.

Have you worked with any other laser cutting companies in the past? If so, what sets Charles Day apart?

I have requested quotes from other companies previously to working with Charles Day and I was not impressed due to slow responses, lack of interest and expense. I think customer service is so important and I found everyone I spoke to regarding my order at Charles Day very helpful and friendly. I have recommended you to other people and I will continue to do so.

Rebecca’s sculpture is just one of the many types of industries and projects we get involved with on a daily basis. For more information on the types of projects we get involved with head over to our Featured Work page.