Charles Day’s Waterjet Cutting Makes a Striking Impression in London

Being one of the industry leaders in specialist cutting techniques Charles Day Steels has the ability and the capacity to adapt to any of our customer needs. Whatever their market may be demanding of them, we can facilitate, and our 3 waterjet cutting machines offer a unique method of gaining intricate detail to a high quality finish, even with thick material.

The world of architecture is a prime example of this, every project must be more striking and daring than the last in order to stand out from the competition so when this customer got in touch, they came to the right place.

The challenge was to produce intricate balustrades whilst avoiding the complications involved with thermal cutting techniques such as material warping. A fine finish on all edges was also needed to allow for a smooth black anodised finish.

Waterjet cutting eliminates any heat affected zones and therefore allows for much more detailed designs to be brought to life on thicker materials. Here the customer opted for 20mm thick Aluminium to help keep weight down on over 100 hundred separate balustrades.

Although this project was of the customer’s design, Charles Day’s experienced sales team and in house design office helped ensure that every aspect was considered and given due diligence to make certain each part was arriving correct and on time for the customer.

The end result is a striking contemporary styled building where the balustrades certainly make a statement through their elaborate design and high quality finish. This is one of many architectural projects across the country that Charles Days have exceeded them themselves with and it won’t be the last. Whether you need to make an impression with extravagant finishing or require CE Level 4 certified structural steel work, we can help.

Got a project in mind? Think it could benefit from over 35 years specialist cutting expertise? We’d be happy to help. Get in touch with Charles Day Steels.