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A Steel City Tribute to HMS Sheffield

Designed by Yorkshire-based sculptor Peter Naylor, the ‘Shiny Sheff’ is in the shape of a ship’s prow cutting through the waves. It was unveiled during a commemorative ceremony which took place on May 4 at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

In tandem with Sheffield based companies Tinsley Bridge and Autokumpu, Charles Days was proud to have been a part of the sculpture manufacture being led by William Cook Casting Products in response to a request from the HMS Sheffield Association. 

“What a great sculpture to be a part of, not only an honour to be able to help in such an important memorial for the region and those who served on HMS Sheffield, but a great showcase for the strength of Sheffield’s manufacturing industry and skill”, said Charlie Day, Sales Director. 

  Charles Days laser cut the stainless steel parts to the artist’s specification to help bring his vision to life, also providing the laser etched plaque commemorating the 40th anniversary of the loss of HMS Sheffield and the twenty of the ship’s company.  The sculpture itself is dedicated to those who served on the three HMS Sheffield ships between 1937-67, 1970-82 and 1986-2002.

Photo credit Ian M Spooner and Tinsley Bridge Services Ltd

Ukraine and the Current Steel Market

The current situation in Ukraine is having a direct impact on the European steel market for a number of reasons. As such we see it as crucial that we help customer’s to understand the situation, the impacts it is having on the steel market, and what we are doing to help customer’s plan for business continuity.

To understand why the Russian invasion of Ukraine is having a profound effect on the market, below are some key factors behind current steel shortages:

• Ukraine is the 12th largest steel producer in the world (21 million tonnes per annum), 80% of this is exported.
• Ukraine is also the 5th largest supplier of iron ore products in the world.
• Russia is the second biggest steel exporter in the world after China.
• Ukrainian slabs account for approximately 40% of the total slabs re-rolled in Italy every year, a key supplier to the European market, alongside high percentages for other European countries.
• Mariupol is home to two of Ukraine’s largest steel mills owned by Metinvest, both of which have been targeted and have halted production causing an immediate reduction in steel output to the market.

How does this affect us?

This significant reduction in steel availability coupled with substantial supply chain disruption, is causing the price of steel to rise considerably. UK Steel stockholder prices have increased by 60-70% in the past 7-10 days and most European Steel Mills are not offering on new orders at present. Prices are likely to increase further over the next 3 – 6 months.

What is Charles Days doing about it?

The Ukraine crisis aside as a business we keep a constant eye on the European steel and metal markets to ensure we offer the most accurate and current market rates. We continue to do so by the hour and have forward ordered considerable stocks to ensure we can offer availability and keep production moving for our customers.

We see it as crucial that we are able to offer complete transparency for our customers to aid in business planning through the developing situation in Ukraine.

If you require any further updates or information we would be more than happy to help so please feel free to call to discuss your requirements going forward.

Once again, Charles Days Invests in the Gamechanger.

Continuous investment has always been key to Charles Day’s success and with their latest addition to the laser fleet, they show no signs of slowing down. 

Having purchased a new Bystronic ByStar 15kw Fibre laser with a cutting bed of 6000mm x 2500mm, it has once again broadened its service offering and bolstered itself as an absolute industry leader. 

From humble beginnings Charles Day founded the business as a specialist flame cutting service in 1976, where its first site consisted of a single machine in a small workshop.  From there it has grown into one of the largest and most diverse specialist cutting providers in the UK having since been an early adopter of laser and waterjet cutting technology.  The company now boasts 6 flatbed lasers, 3 large bed waterjet and 3 flame cutting machines, not to mention a sister company specialising in Tube Laser Cutting

This new laser represents considerable forward thinking and not only opens new opportunities for customers, but it further advances Charles Day’s existing capabilities. 

“The addition of a 15kw laser is a big step forward in Charles Day’s already large capacity and capability offering” said James Day, Operations Director.  “With the ability to cut thicker material [up to 50mm] at such a high speed on this new laser, we also increase the capacity on our existing 5 lasers by focussing material thickness to its most productive machine”.  Charles Days has 5 other lasers consisting of 3 x 6kw and 2 x 10kw on 4000mm x 2000mm cutting beds, allowing for short lead times on projects of all sizes. 

This is the first machine of its kind in the UK and the ability to cut with 15kw of power on such a large cutting bed, means customers will benefit from tighter tolerances on parts up to 6000mm long.  These would otherwise need to be cut using other methods such as Plasma or Flame.    

“Achieving laser tolerances on parts up to 6000mm is a gamechanger” says Sales and Business Development Director Charlie Day.  “Where typically larger and thicker parts are limited to the tolerances of flame and plasma cutting methods [often having to be split and welded together later], this machine will offer customers greater part flexibility at competitive prices whilst maintaining short lead times”. 

Having remained open and fully operational throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, Charles Days continues to prove itself as a major player in the market and one customers can rely on.  With 40+ years of experience, this combination of knowledge and investment is what sets Charles Days apart. 

Got a project in mind?  We can help.

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Charles Day’s Waterjet Cutting Makes a Striking Impression in London

Being one of the industry leaders in specialist cutting techniques Charles Day Steels has the ability and the capacity to adapt to any of our customer needs. Whatever their market may be demanding of them, we can facilitate, and our 3 waterjet cutting machines offer a unique method of gaining intricate detail to a high quality finish, even with thick material.

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Antimicrobial Copper in the Fight Against COVID 19

Everyone needs to be doing their bit to support the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic, this goes without saying and Charles Days is doing everything it can to protect its employees, suppliers and customers alike, even supporting them in their own efforts through the Antimicrobial properties of Copper.

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Keeping it in the Family

Established by Charles Day in 1977 providing a flame cutting service, Charles Day Steels Ltd has since grown into one of the largest and most diverse family run profile cutting companies in the UK with the next generation now joining the ranks.

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